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Web design Important issues plus added tips for escort sites

Below we will discuss some of the important issues about good
web design along with how these can impact on escort websites

Web design is the designing presentation of text and graphical content in websites that appear on the Internet. Whilst this media can be in many forms the basic design of most pages on the Web use HTML and CSS, or XHTML the newer form of HyperText Markup Language known as Extensible HyperText Markup Language. Today's web design can integrate various forms of dynamic, interactive content using server-side languages such as PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) and good old fashioned Java Script.

For this article we will endeavour to try to keep things not too technical but bear in mind that modern day technology will always be part of web design progression, though not always that beneficial as not everyone viewing the Internet manages to keep their computer software updated enough to view webs using tomorrows technology.

Web Site

So before we discuss the design aspects, lets for a moment consider what we are designing and I guess the clue is in the page title, Web design. A web page is a page of information on a particular subject or subject, and a web site is a collection of web pages.

It is the design of these individual pages and the ability to navigate between them that determines basic good from bad design.
The navigable structure is as if not more important than individual page content or design.

Now that the ground rules have been laid down we can start to consider what is going to be user friendly and just what we want our site to look like. We will have to assume that as the article is about design as opposed to the actual build of the site that the reader has at least basic knowledge of CSS and HTML or are using a WYSIWYG site editor.

Design Style

At this point we need to address the issues regarding the look of the proposed website, font and background colours, font family and size of text, anything to do with the style.

The main colour to consider in web design is page text against page background, these need to be compatible and not clash but contrast with each other making the text clear and readable. The standard was always black on white, but how boring would the Internet be if all sites were black and white. Thankfully there are now many sites on the Internet a designer can turn to for help in choosing complementary and contrasting colours providing colour palettes and  colour wheels to ensure things will look good on completion. Any chosen colour scheme should then become part of the design continuity to be carried through out your website.

The other style decision is to select a font and sizes that are user friendly, multi browser compatible and easy to read without the surfer having to change their browser font size settings just for your web. Whilst a variety of font sizes are usually used in web page design to highlight important text and add headings do remember that big is not always beautiful, huge text often looks quite ugly and distorts page layout when viewed using a smaller screen resolution. To go along with normal text colours we also need to decide upon colour for text links, bearing in mind the fact that it is good practise to differentiate colour of  visited links to keep things user friendly so the surfer has an indication of where they have already been. Again these font style choices should continue through the your finished web. The easiest way to ensure style continuity through out your site is by use of CSS.

Web / Page Content

 I guess this is the point were we sit down and think about content, total content and how best to separate it into topical and manageable page size blocks. Obviously with your website content being your content we can not state how it should be broken down but if one sticks to telling the surfer what the site is all about on your index page, then make each additional page a useful content rich addition.

So we now have an idea of how many pages there will be on our site, we are in a position to think about an overall navigation structure. The design of this navigation needs to be simple and user friendly, ensuring that all pages have a link back to your home page and to any other relevant pages.

At this point I usually create all the required pages using a template of how we decided each page would look, naming each one to best reflect it's content matter with all main pages navigable from your home page and all pages reachable from at least one static link on the site and all having a link back to the main index page.

We can now write our content for each page ensuring that we keep pages small around 60k, use only one H1 tag that describes the content found on that page. Keep content H2 tags clear and concise, with small paragraphs being easier to read than massive chunks of text and when using images ensure they add value to your page and have alt description tags and are not just space fillers.

Now we have a basic web site built, well at least an idea of how to design and structure a web site for the Internet.

Tips for escorts building / designing their own web sites.

Remember that all the above goes for any site, but additional things that may well be required when designing an escort website.

You are selling a service in a very competitive industry, so do make it easy for any prospective client to contact you. This is best done by including contact information (email - phone) easily found in same place on all pages, even if it's just a link to a contact page.

Ensure any prospective client finds essential information, like the area you are based or area you cover, easily and ideally on your main page. Make sure that you state you are an escort offering an escorting service, just using innuendos does not suffice.

Example: Site called - Edinburgh-Kate.co.uk
"I'm Kate available for you to visit me in Edinburgh, and offer a visiting service to your home or hotel in central Scotland.
With a fit super size 10 slim figure, and regularly told I'm attractive you will not be disappointed when we meet.
If you're looking for that illusive "Girlfriend Experience" you need look no further, I am the girl for you.
Check out my photo gallery then get in touch"

I'm sure that as long as the link to the site was from an escort directory, a prospective client might well guess you're an Edinburgh based escort offering local in-calls and out-calls through out central Scotland.

Ideally though it does help if your site was called Edinburgh-escort-Kate.co.uk already you have stated you are an Edinburgh escort. Then if we start by using the words - "I'm Kate an Edinburgh escort etc" - there is no doubt about what your site is going to be about, you've said it all.

As an escort when designing or providing page content, ask yourself; what does a prospective client want to know before making a booking to use your escorting service?
Then answer these questions on your site and you are well on your way to ensuring that any enquiries are from guys who want what you have to offer and not guys saying I saw your site, do you do this or do you offer that, will you visit me in Wales?

So tell it as it is and you're well on your way to generating serious enquiries from likely genuine clients.

So we have designed our site, now for the next steps.

Web Hosting - - Web Promotion

If all this seems too much, don't forget Escort Web Site Design is our business and any escort website we design takes all the above and a lot more into consideration. We strive to design easy to navigate content rich sites without any flash gizmos, leaving you to reap the rewards a professionally designed site will bring you. But if you do choose to build a site yourself, just imagine the satisfaction of seeing your own work viewed by the whole world. It's a great feeling but maybe not for everyone.

Even if you have had someone else build your site, you are now in a position to ensure they have conformed to best practises, your navigation is user friendly and the content covers the important essentials.
You might like to ensure that your site can be viewed by different browsers or go to http://www.delorie.com/web/lynxview.html type in your site URL and see how a text only browser or search engine sees your site.
Check the HTML code behind the web site you see is valid - http://www.htmlhelp.com/tools/validator/index.html.en .

Should you require help with site design use the navigation at the top of the page and select enquires and tell us how you would like us to help.