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 Web hosting Important issues plus added tips for escort sites

Below we will discuss some of the important issues about web
hosting along with how these can impact on escort websites

Web Hosting.

Web hosting is an Internet hosting service that allows private individuals, businesses and organizations to show their own websites via the World Wide Web. Web hosts provide space on a server they own ideally with a fast link to the WWW  for use by their clients, typically housed in a data centre. These Web hosts can also provide data centre or rack space and connectivity to the Internet for servers they do not own, but owned by their clients to be located in their data centre, referred to as collocation. This then gives people who surf the internet a way to access your website.

There are thousands of web hosting companies available around the word, all with different hosting plans and at different prices with different conditions attached. It can be a mammoth task to wade through all the options, especially if you are new to web hosting and are just looking to get your website up on the web. One might just think lets go for the cheapest, or alternatively be of the mind you only get what you pay for making the most expensive the best and make your choice that way.

Likely though the most expensive will not be the best and the cheapest cost more through down time than one saved opting for the cheapest. There are even free web hosts, but as we all know there is no such thing as a free lunch and these hosts do make their money by selling advertising space on your website.

All web hosts have different plans but much is dependent upon a few basic common features.

# Server type - For basic websites it would matter little whether it be Linux, Unix or Windows 200 server software, but may well be a concern if one was looking to serve dynamic PHP or ASP pages using a data base.

# Allocated space - This is the amount of storage space the host allows you on their server hard drive, this can vary from 5MB to 100GB, but unless you have a huge web or large data bases 20MB may well be ample represent at least 250 pages with photos.

# Bandwidth allowance - This is amount of data transfer allowed. Each time someone views a page of your web the page is transferred as data to the viewer. So bandwidth required is the size of your average page times the number of persons viewing them.
So some simple maths 1 page = max .1MB, 200 visitors each viewing 6 pages = 1,200 page view daily times 31 days a month works out at 3.7GB per month. Web hosts offer anything from 100MB to 100GB packages.

# E-Mail accounts - This is the number of mail address one gets with a package.

One last thing many of these web hosts offer is the provision of domain names, whilst servers and computers on the web itself actually uses IP address, us humans find names much easier to remember so the WWW Internet has come up with a way of us using names, which get changed into these numeric IP address all seamlessly done so we can request pages easily.

Whether you actually use your web host to provide your domain name, occasionally even given away free with some hosting packages or you purchase it separately is irrelevant.

Next lets look at the 4 main different types of hosting, starting with the cheapest as it's free going up the scale.

# Free hosting - As mentioned before, whilst they offer free hosting they need to make a profit, which they do by selling ad space on your site. These packages rarely come with customer support unless of coarse you are an advertiser paying them, often come with a minefield of conditions and are invariably only suitable for small sites using minimal bandwidth.

# Shared hosting - This is where you share hard disk space on a web hosts server and is the most common way of hosting a web site. Quality of customer support with shared hosting can vary form little or none to dedicate free call phone lines. These packages always come with a fixed amount of allocated disk space along with strictly adhered to bandwidth allowances.

# Dedicated hosting - As the name implies this is a web hosts server dedicated to a single client, ideal to host hundreds of domains and as you rent the whole server storage is as big as the server hard disk and comes with unlimited bandwidth. This type of storage offers access to to your server much like you have access to a hard drive in or attached to your own computer.

# Colocation hosting - Much the same as dedicated hosting, but the client owns and does not rent the server located at the web hosts data center.

Choosing web hosting.

Basically we have to choose a type of hosting either free, shared, dedicated or collocation. Select  a preferred server type, amount of storage space required, estimate monthly bandwidth required and decide how many mail accounts will be required.

All seems simple enough, only after making these decisions you will be likely still be left with thousands to choose from so one either has to guided by recommendations from colleagues or start to trawl through the hundreds of sites on the net dedicated to helping you make this choice. Beware though not all web hosting review sites are as honest as they may appear, remember they have to pay for their hosting so may well be biased.

To ensure some kind of deciding factor, google "web hosting" check out a few of the web hosting comparison sites and see which web hosts come up in the top 5 for your required package.

Estimating disk space require -  this is basically the size of the folder on your computer holding your designed web site which you should maybe double for anticipated natural growth and as long as your site is not data base driven this is your space required figure. This figure on average is usually anything from 20MB to 50MB which is a lot less than one first imagines, but with disk storage so cheap nowadays one can always over estimate as storage is always a handy thing to have.

Estimating monthly bandwidth requirement - is always the most difficult decision to make when choosing a web host. It is easy enough to work out the average bandwidth required for one person to view one of your pages, but it is down to experience or rough estimation to work out how many people will view one page, and how many people will view all your pages in one given month.
Whilst many if not most sites on the web use only 2 GB a month, this is dependent upon your average web page size and how popular your site becomes. Beware though of sites offering unlimited bandwidth, bandwidth costs money so unlimited bandwidth cost an unlimited amount of money, which no business can afford to give away. So if you take unlimited to mean an unlimited small amount and are prepared to have your site taken off line whenever your host decides you have used to much unlimited band width then at least you know what you are paying for. It is best though to find out from colleagues what a site like yours usually requires then add some as hopefully yours will become on e of the most popular sites of it's type.

Then once you decide the number of mail addresses, quality or amount of customer service that you may require with your hosting package you are in a position to select your web host.

Tips for escort web site hosting.

One of the biggest differences between standard hosting and escort web hosting is that as an escort you are deemed to be hosting mature content aimed at surfers over the age of consent. Some hosts may claim it to be adult in nature and refuse it altogether whilst most hosts terms and conditions do reference the content allowed by them.

It is important to read these terms and conditions before selecting a host as breaking them has your site taken down with no refund of hosting fees paid. Rarely does free hosting allow any adult, sexual or mature content and even shared hosting packages have specific conditions where this type of hosting is required.

Often the reasons for these conditions are not just morality issues, but it is a known fact that pictures of pretty ladies often create heavy traffic, any reference to sexual activity implied or stated can have some host drop you like a hot potato. By the very nature of your site content you are likely to use much higher bandwidth than average sites. Hosts nowadays have software that can analyse both text content and photos to determine whether their terms and conditions are being broken, so it is always advisable to adhere to these.

It  may also be beneficial to remember that whilst most escort sites have a photo gallery which can gobble up bandwidth, it is important that these photos in themselves do not fall under the pornographic-content umbrella. Once a site is deemed to have porn-content the goal posts for hosting change yet again, so whilst they say sex-sells-anything escorts should avoid porn-content.

Web Hosting - - Web Promotion

If all this seems a daunting task, don't forget Web hosting is our business and any escort website hosted through EscortPlus has all the above and more factored into our packages. Our sites may have mature content but we always avoid adult-porn. To enquire about hosting use the navigation at the top of the page and select enquires and tell us how you would like us to help.